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Hello Liberated. Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I am aware that the juridical person was created by the state and therefore it is liable for its debts and obligations. I did communicate with the State to have its person's obligations paid. I have communicated separately with the registrar of vital statistics and the governor of the birth state. I have sent each of them every bill charged to the NAME and  notice explaining my mistakes for several months in a row. The registrar responded stating that the issues that I raised are outside the scope of his responsibility. I asked him who then is the responsible party and he did not respond. The governor fell silent and did not respond or act on anything, apparently. I am now sending the AFV'd bills to the IRS and have been doing so since June with no apparent effect. Is anyone here doing this successfully?

The purpose of transfer property from the name to the trust is not to cause any liabilities to cease. Rather, it is done so that property is not in the name.

The "money" to pay the utility bills or other obligations of the trust comes from me for the time being, out of necessity and lack of alternatives (i.e. ability to discharge debt rather than contribute to it with the use of debt instruments). Please expand on your comment about establishing a trust is knowing how and what is the res and how are matters settled and with what and by whom. Can you give examples?