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Yes, due to ignorance and programming one's actions (getting mail in the NAME at an address and getting a SSN) in the past caused one to act as a natural person. To undo this, one would fill out a change of address form for mail to the NAME to forward to the inter vivos trust's po box. I gather that there is a proper purpose for the SSN, so I would not rescind that, but would learn of its proper purpose and use.

Other steps to take are rescinding the latest voter registration and driver's license, close bank accounts held in the NAME (and open in the trust name), stop paying bills charged to the name, transfer property from the NAME to the trust. However, some of these steps may have ramifications that I do not yet know how to handle, such as:

1. No driver's license = no car insurance (insurers only insure licensed drivers). I supposed that I would be ok with no insurance, but what if I cause an accident? Would the CR process be used to accept for value the claim for injury/property damage? If so, how would the injured party be made whole?

2. Stop paying bills = utilities shut off, no shelter/food/clothing/transportation/etc. Please not here that if I where to stop paying bills, my intent would be to cease making the mistake of being surety for a person and NOT because I wish to get a free ride or selfish gain.