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"Once the presumed dead shows up isn't it a matter of law that those things held under the presumption of death be returned? Why then does this not happen?"

1.  My gut response is basically they are evil fucks and prefer to profit in the land of fiction.
2.  My spiritual response is they are THERE to help us with our path/lessons on planet earth

I do not know we can blame THEM entirely for the reason to ensure our competency.  I work for a condo in Florida, if you really want to discuss why people NEED to be administrated move to a condo in Floridaaaahhhhh.  However, this does NOT negate the fact that some are willing to step up to the plate and HONOR the Golden Rules to the ninth degree.  

I think you miss the point, they profit from our presumed claims and/or willingness to "pay a bill".  They want to be the beneficiary.  

If a man creates a trust it must be in a name/property of the state.  Remember John, the given name can NOT do anything in the world of fiction, but John Doe can.  The BC is what?  EVIDENCE.  Evidence of what?  Two things:  1.  That a living soul was born, UNENCUMBERED with all natural rights.  AND due to that living energy 2.  A legal fiction of law too was created, a name which represents property of "Caesar".  

The example you use of the son at age 25, as beneficiary COULD have the assets removed by operation of law IF the son is deemed ---- a fuck up.  There does not have to be any specific wording that prohibits this refusal, it just may need to go to court.  This is why elderly people can have guardian ad litem.  Yes?  The old folks can not take care of themselves.  If Johnny takes the $10 and buys pot, he may hurt "society" and what are the rules, keep the public peace, good order, no accidents, etc.  THEIR job is to ensure assholes - remember I live in a condo in Florida - do I go into that with you? -- do not bring about problems for people, as people have enough problems.  

I suspect you are missing the point, MOST people are not like us, [I say this in hope that I am aware and worthy enough, and WILLING to follow all of God's rules while I breathe on this planet - always to KNOW my responsibilities to others and myself].  

Sorry to be negative, but your option 1 is totally off.  

WE do have a responsibility ALWAYS while on planet earth.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER is first.  OUCH!!!! this is so fucking hard, it really is.  It is giving up judgment.  Another sucky concept.  To even attempt to claim's one natural estate, IMO, it CAN NOT be a selfish act.  I think Boris and I agree on this.  And I will go one step further -- double ouch -- why should it be a problem to freely give away anything because the Father only provides unending abundance, you want that Porsha car, no problem my Father has bigger and better.  There is NO WANT WITH GOD.  - and I say THANK YOU FATHER.  

Giving away the entire estate benefits is akin to giving a child the keys to the Porsha.  Sorry think this one through.  

Option 2 is a little better - take what you need and give the rest away.  I ain't feeling the word sustenance.  My Father is bigger than that, it is all my needs and desires WITH the purpose of enjoying those THINGS but the more biggie thing I do with those THINGS is share them with his other kids.  No I want to travel in the Porsha but if you want it, you can have it, there is another one waiting for me.  It is my WILLINGNESS to give something to please another BEFORE ME, because I know God is abundant.  SEE?  

Option 3 Nice, but again, the trust for what purpose?  Is not the trust just a piece of paper?  Do I need that piece of paper to DO God's work?  I hope not.  

I am still of the opinion and I would like to talk to Boris about this on one of his talkshoes, I see he has the CR process and it looks great.  I have done similar but not to this extent.  I am in the right neighborhood but the wrong house.  LOL

My biggie questions is - there must be "enough of us WILLING to go the extra mile" but do not want the hassle of creating trusts, sending register mail, use PO boxes, etc - WHY DO WE NOT get together - MAKE SURE WE ARE ONE VOICE on the same page, go to the PTB and sit down nice with them and splain real clear that we understand their position and there are MANY who REQUIRE to be administrated by government, but we come with clean hands and we do NOT want to continue playing in the land of make believe - YOU CAN KEEP all the fictional paper, just give us remedy/trustee to deal with all our needs, by necessity, so we do not intermeddle in the infant's estate.  

What says the group?

Can we have Shangri La, Heaven on Earth and show others who are WILLING to join us, with the understanding there is NO free lunch but duties and obligations [Universal I mean] NOT man's BS that we can RAISE the consciousness as our numbers grow and for those that want Hillary, they can have her - say in CA and we can separate the wheat from the chaff, as now is the time for harvesting.  YAY!!!!

I hope I said all this good, some times my thoughts are ahead of my wording.