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Apparently we need a Name or use of a Name for commerce. If what was formed/taken/created (BC) due to our creation; the State having Usufruct of such event including but not limited to the safety and increase thereof, makes them a trustee of sorts. We supposedly are considered dead or lost at see however at some point we appear, letting it be known.  The journey prior to showing up alive being the experiences/choices and consequences along the way.

Once the presumed dead shows up isn't it a matter of law that those things held under the presumption of death be returned? Why then does this not happen? Why is the now living not given all that was done through that Name/estate?  Somebody dictates whether the living man/woman is competent to receive it? If I, as an administrator/trustee/etc, give the beneficiary their stuff my duty ceases. What they do or not do with their stuff is none of my concern. What they do after that is part of their continued journey on their way to home/God. Might be a direct path or more curves and roadblocks ahead. Won't know till we get there.

Let's look at this scenario. A man creates/forms a trust, ie BC, names his son as beneficiary. The name of this Trust is the same as the sons name. Upon the age of 25 the son is to receive the assets of the trust. The son reaches 25 and is suppose to receive all the assets of the trust. There is no mention of any hold back or bullshit that he can't have the assets. He receives the assets. Why is this not the case with the beneficial interest of the trust created by the BC?  Since we are currently in the world and we learn of these things why then is it not cut and dry that the beneficiary not receive what is the beneficiaries?

I'm not asking with any other intent other then looking at simplification and logic. I am not saying that beneficiary is claiming ownership. Anything anyone presumes why the beneficiary should not get something from what was created, which ONLY occurred by way of the beneficiary anyway, is judgment. It is akin to saying, don't give Johnny $10 from his piggy bank because he will just blow it on pot.

If is concluded that the beneficiary is unworthy upon proof of life, at age of majority, for whatever reason outside of some written contingency within the grant, is nonsense.

Appears three things are possible with respect to the NAME game/BC/estate/deadman and the trust that was established at time of birth is/was for the benefit of the new born baby.

Option 1. When baby boy/girl is of age of majority and steps forward as beneficiary/heir the assets are turned over to him/her in total. No strings attached.

Option 2. The baby boy/girl is of age of majority and steps forward as beneficiary/heir and only has the ability to requisition things/"money"/necessities/capital for his/her subsistence and further utilize the trust for benefit of mankind.

Option 3. The baby boy/girl is of age of majority and steps forward as heir of God, having been created by God in its image and having been granted dominion thereof and requiring upon all the publicans (operating as fictions, not God) to not impede/interfere with the man/woman in whatever they do as they go about doing the will of God. Ambassador of God, Plenipotentiary (all Nations are equal under the Law). Suppose here one can create a trust, Ie. Ecclesia and assign the beneficial interest of the BC Trust along with appointment of fiduciary/trustee (Governor of State) as co-trustee to handle affairs of the public and then go do will of God through the Church/Trust.

Bottom line, there is an interest that one has in the BC Trust (presumption), how one utilizes, if one so chooses, is the question.  The answer no doubt lies within oneself and whatever choice one makes is no doubt a part of the journey. Yellow brick road is coming to mind and the hot looking Witch of the South comes to mind since she is the only one that showed Dorothy how to get back home. She can do no wrong and she never makes mistakes, Glinda is everything a Good Witch should be and more, being effortlessly perfect. Her inside spirit is just as beautiful as her outside physical appearance; pure and untainted. Glinda also has an unlimited amount of patience, for she displays acts of selflessness and kindness much of the time, and expects very little, if any at all in return. Glinda is incredibly helpful and she is always willing to listen to others who consult her advice, no matter how busy she may be as a Witch Sorceress. She never loses her temper and does not believe in destroying or killing even the most evil of people and creatures who come her way, no matter how atrocious or unpleasant they may be.