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In a simple way to respond to this -

Planet earth is testing ground zero.  Each incarnate living soul is on a journey.  ALWAYS the ultimate end result is Home, meaning God.  It is the Prodigal Son's story.  With this being said, everything is CONSCIOUSNESS, meaning we are given the "gift" of free will with consequences of that free will.  During each one's journey, it is up to the individual to consciously or unconsciously DIRECT his journey BACK Home, toward God.  

Each incarnate living soul plays a part toward the end result, Home.  It is all a test for one simple experiment in "duality" for each soul to determine -- WHO IS YOUR DADDY?  

If the soul determines his "Daddy" is the Creator, Owner of planet earth, the Living Good that always comes through UNCONDTIONALLY, with Love, patience, and READY to serve and help that path Home, that soul can and does travel the way Home in the fast lane, no toll collected.  

If the soul determines his "daddy" is government, other people, "money - IN GOD WE TRUST defined as 12 USC 411, 18 USC 8 and 26 USC 165(g)", doctor, etc, the Creator is still patient, loving, etc because S/He/It KNOWS ALWAYS there is only one ultimate END, toward the Creator and owner of the living soul KNOWS that individual soul is  having this experiment called Life on Planet Earth goes down a path determined by the individual HOW to journey back Home.  It is the individual's choice to stay in the right lane, get off the highway and pay a toll.  

Everything is FREE with God, tolls are required by men for their fucked up attempt to BE GOD AND CLAIM TO OWN "things" they can not own, such as roads  LON BK 2, 132

"The opinion of the burgrave of Nuremberg deserves to be mentioned: "God," said he, "has created heaven for himself and his saints, and has given the earth to mankind, intending it for the advantage of the poor as well as of the rich. The roads are for their use, and God has not subjected them to any taxes."

With this said and to answer your question directly, IMO,

It is your USE of their property/name is where they benefit.  You do not use, they do not profit.  They want you to use the name, but too this increases their debt, this is why persons are enemies of the state.  When you set up the trust [which I do not understand fully] to set off their debt, this not only helps you/status with them, but them too.  

When you deliver and surrender man's "dead paper" back to the "publicans" what you doing is rendering unto Caesar what is his - the name - Caesar's property AND TOO you must DECLARE MY DADDY is the Creator and OWNER of ALL things upon planet Earth including me, an incarnate Living Soul on a sojourn back Home.  I trust completely in Him, He is MY SOLE GOOD, health, SOUCE, etc, for He knows every hair on my head [and I am not bald] - He is my all.

If it comes down to them with guns in your face demanding you declare "the State of all powerful, all knowing, and IS GOD", you then have a choice once again, scary as it is to REAFFIRM:  No My Daddy IS the Living God and My everything, My Good and Source for my Good.  FUCK YOU!!!

TAKE YOUR FUCKING DEAD PAPER AND SETTLE YOUR FUCKING INTERNAL CLAIMS BECAUSE I WANT NO PART OF YOUR ANTI-CHRIST BULLSHIT.  If you continue to harass me, I want to thank you for your intentional, knowing consent to put your soul up for surety with a heavy DUTY TOLL TAX upon it where collection is required under Universal Law.  Karma Koin carries heavy USUARY interest, just like FRNs, the only thing Karma Koin must be paid through personal pain, fear and angst that can only be relieved as part of the "Good Mercy Plan" [just like a treaty] by you confessing your errors and make amends to all you fucked over.  YAY!!!!  BTW, no need to give a name, there are no defense attorneys, there is no court of "just-us", the law will be administrated by you/soul - which is the harshest judge because a guilty conscience has no limitation.  OUCH.  

LET ME BE CLEAR again, IMO, from what I gather from Boris's perspective, and I agree, but it is my way of speaking now, on planet earth, we MUST use a name to "do commerce", meaning going to the store to buy food, have a roof over our heads, etc.  The name is required, by necessity to have some reasonable life on planet earth.  OK, the key is the next step which I do not have down and that is setting up the irrevocable trust to set off their debts and still operate as "normal"  

I said the ultimate end result for the living soul is to find his way back Home.  However, while incarnate, we want our natural estate returned back to us.  We do not want to participate in their system.  We have no choice to some minor extent, by necessity, we must use the name, we must be IN the world but not OF the world.  

All this is very difficult because everything appears so real on planet earth, when in reality, it is all an illusion.  My hope and prayer is that we all wake up soon because I, like so many are tired of this FUCKING illusion.