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Remember: these are ONLY suggestions, modify these to your own situational needs.

Below are EXAMPLES for an entire CR(tm) "process" (3 steps)

1. Initial CR(tm)
2. Conditional/Follow-up CR(tm)
3. Final CR(tm)

what the CR(tm) "process" teaches one is HOW to walk with the Christ consciousness.

Essentially, one is VOIDING the ORIGINAL contract/debt collection in INFANCY and THEN accepting any remaining debt thru an ACT of GOOD FAITH with CLEAN HANDS which is NOW the contract in play and establishes the TRUST: ALL Contracts operate thru Trust.

The Conditional acceptance OPERATES this Trusted Contract and establishes the penalties AGAINST the Trustee (BAR Attorney under Military Authority: see FM 27-5 and FM 27-10) and the CORPORATION vessel utilized by such (ref: 15 USC ยงยง 1 and 2).

The act of the collection attempt against the original purported debt obligation SEALS the Trust because the action of the collection would be a trespass resulting in an exercise to claim profit from property that does not belong to one; pernancy of the usufruct.

Go back and read CJS regarding Estates and the Bovier's 1856 article from the archives.

You see, in 1953, the Department of Justice established a 100 mile border zone for Customs and Border Control surrounding the nation where the Constitution no longer applies, thus ONLY Martial Law exists in this zone (ie: Lieber Code, FM 27-10 and 27-5, Hague, Geneva, etc...), so you all had BETTER learn how it operates and this is where the civilian due process roots and foundations occur. Read archive article regarding civilians for introduction information, get copies of FM 27-5 and 27-10 for further information.

This is also where the "Is there a Breach of Peace?" approach comes into play.

For example: within FM 27-10 there is passage that basically reads that the occupying army is 100% responsible for all medial coast associated for anyone Interned. Well, since the occupying army has SUSPENDED the constitution, the people are thusly Interned within a Military Zone under Martial Law, thus the Occupying Army gets the bills resulting from HEALTH CARE (i.e.: restoration of public order and safety). The BC is the evidence of such, thus there is NO need for Obama-care for anyone with a Birth Certificate has "medical insurance" ... IE: Obama care is basically a huge subsidy and incentive package underwriting the profits of the medical and pharmaceutical industries (Read: inflate stock values for the insiders) by those who enrolled within it: just another insurance scam.

You can thank RB @ Mountain Mission for verifying this for we had known about the BC regarding a couple of people who went in for triple-bypass surgeries and they were treated like Kings; thus the second witness.

So, it would be nice if you all would donate to Mountain Mission, 704 C 13th Street East, Whitefish Montana 59937-9998 ... You have heard RB on some audio. He is responsible for helping me comprehend the military side of these matters. He is good people and deserves as such.

Now, if you all are STILL interested in the Postal information regarding the address change, please DONATE thru to ... he is also good people and deserves as such. Just beware the pitfalls as I have described above.

I do request and recommend that you donate to these peoples BEFORE you contact them and ask any questions. It is only RIGHT that you do for they gave all to help you all, so it is only fair that all give some.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: Liability is a relative term for one does serve a master, just not two.

Therefore, one does have a liability to one's master; which master is the question.

And while it is correct that the State is the "owner" ... the source of the property interest the State "owns" is the image of God Almighty so created for whatever God Almighty created IS the SOURCE of all Title and Value, thus God Almighty is ALWAYS the ultimate subrogator; one will ALWAYS have a liability unto God Almighty to observe, fulfill and obey His covenants and laws.

God Almighty ENSURED His images received LIFE and INSURED His images also receive EVERLASTING-LIFE free from Sin in service to His Kingdom; Thus God Almighty is the ONLY one with CLAIM over His images; The State (LORD) has CLAIM over ITS images; HOWEVER, the operation of His image and ITS image is EXACTLY the same in heaven as on earth.

Therefore, one ALWAYS has a liability to observe and obey the Laws and Covenants of God Almighty, lest one receive a visit from the LORD of Hosts (ACCUSOR) for the failure; LORD God bestows the blessing of His covenants to the righteous; the LORD of Hosts and LORD God TOGETHER make up the State of which is the Romans 13 ordained authority and people turned their backs on LORD God, thus LORD of Hosts is what the people received for that is all there was left and the LORD of Hosts did its DUTY unto God Almighty by showing His images a world without knowledge or love of God Almighty for LORD of Hosts really has NO duty unto any image of God other than lead those images BACK to LORD God and visit the Wrath of God Almighty unto the same for violations against the covenants and laws of our Father.

There really is no way to NOT "get it right," but people seem to fail to comprehend, those accounts and shit people seek to "pay bills" and "settle accounts" are for God's Servants; for use to build and expand His Kingdom here on Earth, thus one must FIRST seek the Kingdom of Heaven from within and receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father; the GRANT of the Heavenly Estate, BEFORE one can ever HOPE to claim one's Earthly estate for the Earthly estate was created to RECEIVE one's Heavenly estate.

Every time one runs into an obstacle; each time there is a door shut, a wall erected; that is the ACCUSOR making accusation that one is NOT worthy of God's Kingdom nor receive His blessings. Therefore, one need to REMOVE the impediment by conversing with our Father within His Throne Room/Courts of Heaven for this is where the scrolls of the Accusor reside and understand WHY the ACCUSOR has the authority to DENY one's inheritance as co-heir with Christ and then CLEAR the accusation for once one accepts Christ in one's heart, his SPIRIT flows thru one: His blood now one's Blood; one's Blood now His Blood, and His blood washes away ALL sins.

Remember this when the ACCUSOR shows up.

This has very little to do with the paperwork and everything to do with one's faith and connection with thine Father who art in Heaven for Boris does not make ANY decision if one is to receive one's Heavenly estate and thus free one's Earthly estate from bondage; that decision belongs to our Father who art in Heaven for ONLY He knows one's appointed time.

~ Boris

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