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I mirror this in the UK as the seat of the Post Office currently ministered by Department of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. The stamps on the document are consideration. Also the birth certificate that was originally surrendered as part of my Peace Treaty in Sep 2014 (written on the back of the certificate: Pay to the Order of HM Treasury (stamp affixed with my autograph 45 degrees from left to right and thumbprint over) without recourse) and sent to the the First Lord of the Treasurer (at the time DAVID CAMERON)  - 3 notices were sent.
Am i correct that if the Verification of Complaint is not acted on and sent to the Treasury for the accounting to balance and zero the next step would be to send copies of the 3 notices and supporting documents from the past 3 years to the Secretary of State for Business Energy.... (incumbent: Greg Clark) or the 'permanent' Secretary of State for Business..... (Alex Chisholm) OR straight to the HM Treasury (never had a response from them in the past)
The Pide Piper (Pan - God of the shepherds/flocks) certainly has created a Labyrinth for 'town' folk to be led - apart from the crippled, deaf and blind.
The 'Post Restante' seems to be a 'general' service for those outside the country who are only vistiors, to pick up their mail. For me this seems more comfortable than setting a PO BOX, which is 'business' in nature.
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