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Just thought I would post my own progress with the Verification of Complaint  and would encourage other to post their experiences too. It all helps and I'm sure Boris will welcome all feedback whether good or bad
I have written my Verification of Complaint (albeit in my own style and language that i can stand on - but based heavily on the original documents - SO PLEASE NO SHOUTING - lol) and sent to court
On 14th September i hand delivered my document 'verification of Complaint' to Court and directed that the matter be of Public Record (although in UK there is no Public Record - so i was told) and had a court stamp with date on my copy.
I then phoned a week later to enquire a response.
The 'Team Leader' (no Clerk of the Courts anymore in UK apparently) informed me that The Judge QC (who is  licensed as Chancellor of the Local Diocese - and was one of the Judges who had hands on my case when 'my' house was repossessed) had written on the document 'No direction - No Action - Miscellaneous Filing'.
I then wrote a second notice for Verification of Complaint to be a Matter of the Public Record and hand delivered to the same Team Leader / 'Clerk of the Court' and again had my copy court stamped with date. This time with direction to be delivered directly to the Treasury for execution and Copies to go to the County Administrator and the Clerk of the Court (or whatever name they may have in the UK)
I have phoned to day and the same Team Leader has informed that the Judge QC has written on the document 'No Action - File Only'
NOW - the fact that it has been accepted and filed does bring some comfort of recognition - OR - is there more to read in the Judges comments.
Secondly, do i proceed with a 3rd notice with further direction for the Verification of Complaint
and Finally, should i expect any response - if so would it be from the Court or Treasury or another entity.

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