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Thanks Howie for the clarity.. The inheritance, what it looks like to me, is peaceful enjoyment of all that is without obstacles or oppression. That said, in another thread it is states, as I comprehend it, the inheritance is impossible as long as Satan is in control. QUOTE.."Until the first seal is broken, any attempt to invoke one's claim to the inheritance thru one's acceptance of Christ and reliance on the covenants will be treated as a usurpation of Satan's enjoyment of the property as promised by God. The Rule against this enjoyment reflects here on Earth that until that first seal is broken, the claims of co-heir with Christ CAN NOT be honored, because until that seal is broken, the time is NOT the time to "come out of her" for the restoration of all things as yet to occur, thus His children remain "persecuted" because to enforce those "claims" would USURP God's covenant with Satan for that would RESTRICT or POSTPONE Satan's enjoyment"

So in essence the inheritance in this world is un-achievable and the best we can do is be like Daniel, who while being in the world was not of it and thus was treated like royalty to some extent, even to the point his God was recognized by proclamation of the earthly king. He also had the protection and blessing of God.

Thus a distinction perhaps in "doing all word and deeds in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" versus claiming or invoking one's claim to the inheritance is as simple as it gets. The act of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is protection enough; claiming an inheritance causes Satan to punish, as in who do you think you are committing a trespass on what is clearly mine (satan's)? I Satan, as God, allow you usufruct provided you do it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? because I, Satan cannot cause an indebtedness upon Christ as well as deny Him anything. hmmmm