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— by Howie Howie
I hear ya bro.

I would say this, The Trust was already established at the foundation (your arrival in matter (mother)). Your name was also already established and known, and like a little black bird whispering, given to your custodial parent and then documented by the Hospital administration and later acknowledged by some state governing body.

That name is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, also known as your Christian name. (Colossians 3:17)

Everything else is an addition. And, when something is added to something else the original something is reduced and transformed. For instance, you might say to me that you are eating an apple- a perfect description of that fruit. If you were to go on to describe that apple to me you might add- green or wormy or sour. The original name for the fruit has been diminished, it's wholeness has been diminished- maybe to the point of being unRECOGNIZable.

So, when you accept the addition of a surname to your Christian name you are actually co-creating and accepting an inferior Trust from the one that you arrived with.

What is my point? It really is all about Trust(s). Do you Trust in Nature's God, He who makes the grass grow? Or, do you Trust in some lesser god, maybe a god of dead paper and dead ink? If you place your Trust in Nature's God, you have to put Him to the test by giving up everything and seeing if you are to be provided for and protected from the lesser gods. If you place your Trust in some god of the sea, or the underworld, or the dead then maybe you are pursuing something that you may already have. Folly.

So, what do you do with that superior Trust that you arrived with? How do ye ask and receive?

Well, since no one comes to the Father but by me, and, ye are to do all words and deeds in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, maybe your communication to the administrators of BOTH Trusts (superior and inferior) should look like this:

"The following is written in English for it is the only language I understand:

I, a spiritual man, by and through my Christian name Howard, hereby direct the man acting as whatever administrator in the office of whatever office to do whatever I ask you to do.

In peace,

And there it is. The hidden gem in Trust law. Almost all books on Trusts will tell you that there are three elements to a Trust: Trustor, Trustee and Beneficiary. But, there are actually four elements to a Trust- Trustor, Trustee, Beneficiary and Director.

You have heard this described as the fourth branch of government, or the fourth crown, or 'the people' or other ways.

The script is already written, the Trustor has already created the stage. You have a choice of being who you wish to be. You can be an actor- a Trustee or a Beneficiary- in the world and of the world, or, you can be a director, in the world but not of the world.


It really is just that easy bro. Drop down to first name only and stop signing for anything. All inferior Trusts drop away and you immediately are recognized as having accepted the superior Trust of Dominion. From there, you are to direct the actors when you are called on to be the writing hand (at the right hand) or the voice of the Father.

I think if you were to do this you will find that your letters are never sent back. And, that is where Faith comes in to play. Something happens from there that you can not see, that then changes the things you do see.

But, there is a rub. Remember, if you place your Trust in He who makes the grass grow, then you need nothing from the administrators. All things have been provided for you. So, the only reason to write them would be for some other man that must be healed. Tricky huh?

One final thought.

The whole thing that I just wrote here is a hierarchy that all actors must follow if they are to retain their God given power, no matter the form of government.

This is represented in a deck of cards.

The ace is the highest and the lowest card in the deck based on what you wish it to be. If you wish your ace to be the highest card, the director, the King of kings you identify yourself in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you wish your ace to be the lowest card in the deck, the debtor, you add any addition or title to your Christian name and hide or diminish it.

The King is the Pope, the Queen is Elizabeth, the Jack is both Washington DC and the City of London. The ten is the governors and tutors. The nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three are lesser administrative bodies like departments, courts etc. The two, the deuces, are the accusers of the brethren day and night, the cops and troopers. The jokers are the wild cards, the natural fools, the John Does and Richard Roes.

So, you see, you always have the choice of how you identify yourself and where you are in the hierarchy. You can be the ace as either debtor or creditor. Or, you can take on a role and be a face card, or a deuce, or some form of officer or administrator. This is your choice, and always has been.

Another way to see the hierarchy is to examine the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

At the top is the all seeing eye, over and above the pyramid below. Separate. Superior. A CREDIT to the symbol.

Then starts the pyramid. Each layer that is below the one above is carrying more weight and more pressure.

Finally, there is the bottom. This holds all the weight up. This row has the most pressure. But, it is also the foundation.

The way to the top looks impossible from the bottom. But, if you look very closely you will see cracks and crevices, ways to slip through. The layer below has the ability to ascend to the layer above and carry less weight. But, the block must chisel itself so that it can fit through the cracks. It must smash itself down to it's smallest form and only then can it slip through to the row above.

Finally, from the bottom, with enough effort, the block will find itself standing at the top. From there, all that is required is a leap of faith...and the block is free.

All I'm saying, by saying all of this brother, is that it's not what you take on, but instead it's what you're willing to shed off that makes all the difference.

Here are two of my favorite Zen sayings, I hope they serve you as well as they have served me:

"When hungry, eat your rice; when tired close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean."

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself."

Now, go make it a great day....and be satisfied.