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Re: To those still persevering till the end
— by Howie Howie
That's great to hear. For me there isn't really any study anymore. Once I found the truth then the rest just looked like so much distraction.

Also, since the Claim for Jubilee was done, and then my meeting with the Franciscans, I felt like my duty was accomplished.

So, ever since I've just been using my Right of Way and enjoying the ride.

This year I spent a lot of time hunting wild mushrooms. Have you ever tried that? If not, give it a shot. It really brings you into a place of pure wonder at natures creation. It makes a walk in the woods have purpose. It brings you back into balance somehow.

And those old wineskins? What you may not have known is that I burnt them many many years ago.

I have been saying from the beginning- if you want to be free, drop down to first name only and stop signing for anything. Then, the rest will come.

Tough road though. Not many will be chosen (make the choice).

Well brother, keep on keeping on. Persevere till the end- whatever that looks like.