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In light of the turnabout docs, novations and the affidavits and surrender which do a number of things, 1 being the beneficiary of the ceste que trust (CQV). That said isn't a beneficiary entitled to an accounting from the trustee and 2. Based upon rebutting of death can't the beneficiary create a trust based on the beneficial interest of the CQV making grant to the treasury as settlor with treasury as trustee and man beneficiary?  Or is man/woman a co creator with God providing orders to fictions wherein man/woman does what they do for the benefit of all people with or without a LEGAL NAME or is the use of the NAME have to be so to allow satan to continue his follie because who are we to interfere with others experiences they may or may not have to experience?    Or did I miss something that in lieu of creating another trust we made such grant within the turnabout utilizing what is already in place and by reappearing from presumed death?