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Re: To those still persevering till the end
— by Howie Howie

I'm just saying hi to an old friend here. It is not my intention to take over Boris' forum, so I will be brief.

I just used the Julian calendar for one simple fact: "they" like numbers.

I could have just as easily written on the birth date part- "from the foundation".

All I did with this business card is allow the actor to find me in their system, but at the same time, not allow a nexus to the state to happen to create joinder.

Be ye separate. Be in the world but not of the world. You get the idea.

If you're asking me for direction with your reply then I will say this- keep it simple.

Very often we make these things super complex. We chase words and concepts down rabbit holes that have no end.

There is an end though. There is a truth- a singular truth. Try to find that one truth and be careful to not mistake facts, proof and evidence for truth.

Facts can have alternative facts, proofs can be reproofed, and evidence can be tampered with.

It is not ten thousand secret societies hiding ten thousand truths. It's ten thousand secret societies hiding one truth.

That one truth can make you free.

And with that, I have already written too much.