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Wasn't sure which crew you refer to 'giving up' on, Tony - the Trust outfit or the Legal Deception crew

As a result of listening to a 2015 podcast here I came across this today [perhaps synchronistically - let's see!] [I've also been looking at PMAs; however, I need to check whether there's any restriction 'cos I'm U.K. based for the 'legal entity' and my 'skin suit' is located on Portugal. Also, I'm still trying to research their 'American National/Resident' status, and whether that would work out for me on a practical level.]
Seems reasonably priced in comparison to some I've seen who want 1000s, which kicks it outta the realm of possibility for 'moi.'
It's an arm of these folks
I find their research fascinating, despite the fact that I know very little of American history, and they've just put out another vid. today showing that the Art's of Confed. are perhaps not what they're generally accepted to be
[I'd love to know whether anyone has a take on Keith Livingway et al. They seem to have a long history in the 'Patriot/Sovereignty' community.]
A crença e a descrença têm dividida a humanidade em tantas seitas, cegando os seus olhos à visão da unicidade de toda a vida.

Belief and disbelief have divided mankind into so many sects, blinding its eyes to the vision of the oneness of all life.

Hazrat Inayat Khan