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recommended reading: Territorial Territory

BC creates the INFANT Decedent Life Estate held in CESTUI QUE TRUST (Livery in Seisin; Trust: "shall include only a trust where the interest or interests of the beneficiary or beneficiaries are evidenced by a security" (15 USC 77b(2)) ... one is the foreign beneficiary of the CESTUI QUE TRUST so created (NAME)

Remember: the INFANT has yet to receive the SSN thus is a DECEDENT; The CESTUI QUE TRUST holding the Infant Estate receives the SSN. The must be a decedent in order to establish a maritime contract (ie: SSN) for Earth belongs in usufruct to the living, the dead neither have claim nor right thus must be INSURED to ENSURE usufruct of the living which then gives the dead life for a security (INSURANCE) must be offered to indemnify that of which is the subject of the usufruct and the dead are ALWAYS usufructuary of the living.

SSN = creates the bond for Franchise for the Federal Reserve uses the Decedent's equity (BC estate) as underwriting (grant of usufruct of the Life Estate held in CESTUI QUE TRUST)

Man + Personal Mail Address + SSN + BC= DL/ID = resident = registered agent of the franchise = agency of the United States = natural person: one abandons being Foreign Beneficiary in exchange for LICENSE (grant of usufruct) of which one now services any CLAIM arising from the operation of such as surety: one is now RECOGNIZED (bonded for performance) thru that NAME as registered agent of the agency.

The natural person is a LEGAL person which is allowed to sue and be sued in Federal Jurisdiction (Satan's Kingdom) ... now subject to Statutes, Codes, Rules and Regulations governing Satan's Kingdom: Binds the Individual: Man now a natural person which PERFECTS the rejection of Christ for God is NO respecter of person, to the AGENCY (FRANCHISE) in service to expand Satan's Kingdom.

ALL of this is ratified under 31 USC 3713(b), HOWEVER, because ALL of THIS is founded upon the BC, then EVERY contract therefrom was done in INFANCY and since "The ratification must be voluntary, deliberate, and intelligent, and the party must know that without it, he would not be bound." one may do a CLAIM-IN-RECOUPMENT (ie: Preemption Claim; ref: UCC 3-305) and VOID any infant contract.

And ALL of THIS is the basis for the OPERATION of the CR(tm) and Turnabout. I may explain it on the Talkshoe, but the operation is VERY straight forward: I am here for there is a mistake as I am the Foreign Beneficiary coming in to protect the Trust and stand on my affidavit.

When one CEASES being the INDIVIDUAL; like cease receiving personal mail at an address, hence the PO BOX for the Inter-vivos Living Trust, one can then assume the correct STATUS or ROLE as the Foreign Beneficiary coming into any matter to protect the Trust. (ref: Law of Nations, Book 2, Articles 104-105, 108-109)

Now, all one need do is Turnabout and unbind with what one is currently bound so one may becomes boundless.

To "get out", one must first identify what exactly is binding one so one can undo what has been bound and this is why people FAIL: Arguments of "I ain't this or that" is BULLSHIT: useless, retarded drivel and babble, when the presumption exists because one acted as such. This also another reason as to WHY the Name Change being promoted by the Moors, Legal Deception, and Others is such bullshit and is to be avoided; hell, you all should have known: Legal Deception, it's right there in the title. Just like Tim Turner and Co's The Restore America Project or TRAP of which many fell into: When the restoration of all things is completed and the first seal is broken, all those name changers are going to be considered as CHOOSING to wear the Mark of Cain: The Name Change KILLS the inheritor, just like Cain murdered Abel.

.... now you know and knowing is half the battle; stop making these same mistakes and fix the problem:


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~ Boris

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