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REGISTRANT. One who registers; particularly, one who registers anything (e. g.,a trade-mark) for the purpose of securing a right or privilege granted by law on condition of such registration.

RULE AGAINST POSTPONEMENT OF ENJOYMENT. A rule of public policy which FORBIDS unreasonable restrictions on the enjoyment of property. The principle has become established that no restriction on the use and enjoyment of property will be enforced by the courts where the restriction is such that it is inconsistent with the interest or estate which has been granted or devised. 41 Am J1st Perp ยง 69.

USURPATION, torts. The unlawful assumption of the use of property which belongs to another; an interruption or the disturbing a man in his right and possession. Toml. Law Dict. h. t.

2. According to Lord Coke, there are two kinds of usurpation. 1. When a stranger, without right, presents to a church, and his clerk is admitted; and, 2. When a subject uses a franchise of the king without lawful authority. Co. Litt. 277 b.

Until the first seal is broken, any attempt to invoke one's claim to the inheritance thru one's acceptance of Christ and reliance on the covenants will be treated as a usurpation of Satan's enjoyment of the property as promised by God. The Rule against this enjoyment reflects here on Earth that until that first seal is broken, the claims of co-heir with Christ CAN NOT be honored, because until that seal is broken, the time is NOT the time to "come out of her" for the restoration of all things as yet to occur, thus His children remain "persecuted" because to enforce those "claims" would USURP God's covenant with Satan for that would RESTRICT or POSTPONE Satan's enjoyment

RIGHT NOW, acting in Christ's name in Satan's World = Sin in Satan's World = LORD of Hosts visits those who act in Christ's Name via persecution in Satan's World for the POSTPONEMENT of Satan's enjoyment of property. Remember, Satan is ruled by Ego, thus in his world, any denial of Glory unto Satan is a SIN: a USURPATION of the FRANCHISE for now the Sin is NOT against God Almighty, the Sin is against Satan: a denial of His Glory thru giving that Glory he was to enjoy to another (Christ).

RIGHT NOW, when we are in court walking as Jesus walked, it is actually a usurpation of the Franchise (NAME) until that is the First Seal is broken for RIGHT NOW, Satan is King on Earth, and Sin against God's Covenants: thus serving Genesis 3 Curse, serves as the foundation of THAT Kingdom and the Juridical Person is surety for THAT Sin and the PRESUMPTION is that one rejects Tree of Life thus creates that FICTION-OF-LAW (ie: dead to God) that can be defeated (ie: repentance and acceptance of Christ) EXCEPT for its beneficial purpose: to serve to expand the Kingdom, for the State IS the Kingdom manifest here on Earth and the State is the REGISTRANT, thus INTENDED to benefit: currently usufruct of Sin, thus encourages Sin and since there is there remains that pesky duty of Satan to God (ie: Book of Job), Satan also has the CORRELATING in service to the covenant with God: a duty to punish the Sinner in order to purge the Sin and purify the Child: governor and tutor, and ready the Child for adoption into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The NAME/PERSON always serves to expand the Kingdom: Satan's OR Christ's; the System/Matrix itself cares not, but will administrate accordingly, and the only choice left to make: from which tree shall one be usufruct for that determines HOW that NAME/PERSON shall be administrated while one governs the self.

When the Restoration is complete, Christ can then return and claim the Throne for Christ IS the Foundation of ALL and His Kingdom with then hath been restored and now the NAME/PERSON serves to expand His Kingdom which is the beneficial purpose of the registration of such and any action against that expansion (ie: serving self), will then be considered a USURPATION and any decision made in support/defense of such would be a rule RESTRICTING or POSTPONING His enjoyment of His inheritance thru Sin.

~ Boris

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