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Thanks Dude,
I am an HVAC/R technician, I would advise if I could. Really!
That was what I call an 8 beer reply, although I was not counting, I'm sure more than 8 were involved.
I will ask someone I know who is more of an expert in that area what can be done for future recordings.
 I worked for a guy once that knew the billionaire developer Fred Trammell Crow, and he told me this guy gave him a nugget of information...."HALF OF BEING SMART IS KNOWING WHAT YOUR STUPID AT"!

I am pretty good at a few things, but very stupid in many others!

That's why we are all here. I actually built a professional quality recording studio in an old Carriage house. I thought it would be "Cool", and I could do that as a hobby. Well, you could hold a gun to my head and say " Record a song or die"! Just pull the trigger cause it aint happening, that's what the engineer is for.

You guys ever want to use the studio, I offer the room and my home. Plenty of room and a dam nice place. 45 miles east of St. Paul/Minneapolis in Wisconsin on the Apple River.