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the church is the recipient of the throne and keys of David which is the dominion of the earth once the queen of England kicks the bucket and once the doors are open, there is no shutting them and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

This is how the game is being played.

this site will provide the basics for this game and how you interface within it in order to play while not playing the game. Think of it as creative monopoly.

When you start the game of monopoly, you are given 5K$, correct? Ok, now where did that money originate?

You look at the board, where you start, you notice you get 200$ when you pass this square on the board. Ok, now where does this money originate?

Now, when you move around the board, you notice you can acquire properties. Ok, to whom do you pay to acquire those properties?

Now, when you move around the board and land on certain squares, you end up paying a tax or drawing a card that either provides $$ or requires you pay $$. To whom to you pay or from whom do you receive $$?

Wouldn't all the answers be 'the bank' ? And do the rules dictate one of the players be 'the bank'?

So, if my understanding is correct, the bank gives me 5k$ to start the game. I traverse the board and can acquire properties held by the bank using the money the bank gave me of which I can then charge a rent (profit) when other players traverse the board and trespass my property with money issued to them from the same bank from whom I acquired the property with the money that same bank gave me and for this privilege, I am rewarded with a dividend/annuity in the amount of 200$ and the right to service any taxes levied against the acquisition of property or municipality and sometime during this game, I might go to jail for some reason only to pay a bailment to the same bank that funds this whole operation or gamble a turn wherein failure means more time spent in a warehouse owned and operated by the bank of which is also a player in the game.

So, it appears the only one who 'profits' from the fruit of the activity of the players is 'the bank' and EXACTLY what does 'the bank' receive when the players are wasting their time hoarding property interests in an attempt to show economic superiority through leveraged land acquisition and development?

time spent?

Seems to me to be a futile effort since when the game is done, everything goes 'back in the box', which is funny because it appears 'the box' and 'the bank' are one in the same.

So, 'the bank' provides initial funding and then also 'holds in trust' all property. The player also operating 'the bank' would then be the trustee, in his public capacity: Private - Public relationship.

Each player: Private - Private relationship
Each playing-piece: Private - Public relationship
The Board with all player-pieces: Public - Public relationship

Since 'the bank' is principal funder and holds legal title as trustee of all properties in the game, when one purchases a property, one is merely exercising their equitable option to segregate the property within the trust for personal profit and gain as no property actually ever leaves 'the bank' for 'the bank' and 'the box' are one in the same.

However, if I were to acquire all properties but waive usufruct over to 'the bank', it appears 'the bank' would be fiduciary and the player also operating 'the bank' would be trustee to ensure the usufructuary duties of 'the bank' were fulfilled because "all interest returns to the principal" and if I were to hold onto that interest (usufruct), I would then be liable the whole game for those properties while I 'profit'.

In essence, what if I were to treat the initial public offering of 5K$ as if 'the bank' acquired legal title over my usufruct? I could leverage the 5K$ to obtain properties, but since 'the bank' purchased the usufruct at the initial outset of the game, each property would be held in trust with 'the bank' but I would retain 'naked ownership' with right to dispose and develop those property interests while the bank receive 'the fruit', which is profit and loss as a result of disposal and development.

Wouldn't I end the game with the same 5K$ but eventually have all properties acquired developed?

Now, if we all played the game this way, the only reason to play the game would be to develop the properties and then realize that is a waste of time so either we would go play another game or develop ourselves.

And isn't that really the purpose of being?
~ Boris

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