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Having downloaded and listened to last Thurs.' audio [only the 2nd pass so far - many more + note-taking to go] I had a lightbulb moment.

Security of the Nation > Social Security > National Insurance [N.I. no. is the U.K. equivalent to the U.S. S.S. No.]

OK - admittedly no biggie to you seasoned stalwarts at all this stuff but I have to tell you - it was a HUGE "Ohhhhh...riiiiiight!" moment for noob[m]ee, as one who, trying to grasp these concepts, could be envisioned as that desperate soul from the silver screen, clinging by the fingernails to the ledge on the side of a high-rise, knowing that, with one false move, all that's been gained could be lost in a heartbeat and could herald looming oblivion back to the realm of "What the phuk!"
[How I wish I could have Boris on vinyl - that way, I could switch him from 78 rpm to 33. As that's not an option, I guess it's the > ll > « > ll « option for around, well...let me see - 4 hrs. or so  ]
A crença e a descrença têm dividida a humanidade em tantas seitas, cegando os seus olhos à visão da unicidade de toda a vida.

Belief and disbelief have divided mankind into so many sects, blinding its eyes to the vision of the oneness of all life.

Hazrat Inayat Khan