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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
It appears I am angry, then so be it. If it appears to be prideful, so be it, but what I posted is how "the system" or "the matrix" operates.

And when you post and claim "their Matrix," it is a dissemination of a false truth; Giving THEM credit, where credit is NOT due AND there is no way to "get out" because it is a part of this Earth. One can govern one's self, but to think that means that "the system" or "the matrix" ceases to exist is naive, nay, down right retarded in thought.

In the world, not of it: Either way, one WILL interact with "the system" or "the matrix," all that is left to determine is HOW and the Natural Divine immutable law found within the Parables of the Bible IS the blueprint/instruction manual for HOW "the system" or "the matrix" operates; those same truths are found within the fractals of Nature.

You are correct about "the elite" letting go of the material. THEY ('the elite") just follow a cohesive plan SPIRITUALLY (and yes, satanism is spiritual) of which right now is DEVOID within the heart of man, HOWEVER;

THEY did not create the System or Matrix; HOWEVER, THEY do operate MORE in honor with it and the people DO NOT because the people are so busy fighting them trying to save their material-shit thus surrendering their energy to THEM in the process because THEY are like the Big Cloud in Day the Earth Stood Still.

At most, THEY may have have had a hand in "constructing" such: manifesting here on Earth, but it was CREATED by God Almighty (what THEY call the Universal Architect) and the MEEK are to inherit the Earth as the INTENDED beneficiary, which means THEY are not "the elite" but the CONNED: Satan only promises, never delivers.

All their wealth and power accounts for nothing because THEY can not move anything out of the RESULTING Trust: THEY are not the beneficiary, the Meek are.

THEY, individually or collectively, can do anything they wish as Governors and Tudors until the Time appointed (Fall of Babylon), so long as NOTHING leaves the Trust, which means, THEY can and will lose everything overnight because Babylon will fall; and it WILL fall in one hour and the merchants WILL howl and His People shall come out of Her.

ALL of this is just an illusion to keep people living in Scare-City so people lose faith and abandon their rightful place in His Kingdom; keep the people in a state of survival by spoon-feeding them Fear-Porn, so that when the time comes, those people will be ready to accept the Mark of the Beast, IN FACT, they will BEG for it.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.