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— by dejure dejure
You never know what Rome is going to do.  A little less than a decade back, I was driving a huge step van in Olympia, Washington (down town).  I'd slowed to about 5mph, had my signal on and was turning right, across a bike lane.  As I did, I heard a shout, then something slammed into the side of my step van.

I stopped immediately and opened the door to see a bike rider rocking in the street, near his mangled bike.  I figured it was going to be a long day, since I hadn't had a drivers license for at least fifteen or twenty years.

In short order, the expected two ambulances, two fire trucks a few few cop cars arrived. I got the cyclist off the street and was able to pull the van into a wide pull out.  Of course, the first thing the cop wanted was, license, registration and insurance.  I responded that I had none of those things.  I almost laughed at the look on his face. Guess he thought it was going to be a long day too.

After a moment, I said, "[w]ait, I have some of what you want." I slid the door open, grabbed the registration and gave him state issued identification (but no license).  He took it, went back to his car and returned in about five minutes.

He handed the items back to me, looked at the biker and told him he figured he been hurt enough he'd not try passing on the right again, so wouldn't give him a ticket, turned and walked away.

I told the cop I'd load the bike in the van and get the poor guy to work. The cop just turned, walked back to his car and left.

I can offer many guess and claims as to what happened, but I cannot state, with any certainty, what actually happened.