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— by dejure dejure
The story was an end to itself.  It, clearly, was the same situation the post was in response to. As stated, the approached was, more or less, the same, but cited the laws by which the officer believed himself to be operating.  

Yes, it had the results those reading these post desired.  However, that may or may not mean something. All it takes is a call for a major traffic accident for the cop to be called away. Could you, in that instance, claim you were successful?

Next, there is the almost comical "illusion" post.  

It remains not all about people joining together is bad.  For example, there are bad people in the world and no one here is able to fend them all off on his or own.  That is why we join forces.

You could call the joining of forces an agreement, or even a contract.  If you enjoy the benefits of the agreement, then fail to reciprocate in accordance with its terms, the other side could be said to be acting reasonably if they exacted what they thought was a reasonable price for your failure to perform.

Without people working together and under some kind of rules (anarchy), it's more than a little likely you would not be on a keyboard right now.

A cop tossing cuffs on you cannot be escaped by claiming it isn't real.  

Yes, people rule people to their detriment, but they rule none the less.  It is always at the point of a gun, even if the gun is not, at a given point, present. In time, it will be.