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— by Orionstar Orionstar
I have not seen nor heard this term before yet...the ideas that come are:

1. Follow the principle set forth by the Prince of the Jews of Constanstinople; submit, make peace, get position, set new rules and then conquer.

2. By acknowledgement of the basic theme of the letter...beware of the dare of the presentment, both out going or in coming.

3. It is, as if, one becomes puppet master of those masquerading as public officers looking out for there own status vs safeguarding the true status of the People.

4. From what I see, you've identified the plenipotentiary powers of Dominion within the seat of government of, by, for the People to humbly wield for the good of all as is biblically defined to the obedience and glory of the Covenants.

5. It seems that you not only are learning how to pull the curtain back, but pulling it down altogether.

6. Furthermore, a grand threat has been revealed where as when and if government fails to function as intended...the powers devolve back upon those that granted it's proper use....

It's like when the judge fails to follow the proper rules and  when we are aware of can activate his private Honor, functioning/acting as one cloaked with the powers of judge(ie. Executive, legislative, judicial), powers given by the People, to the government upon/through the seat of government.

7. A Gaming system of coded Dares ruled by manipulators that have no fear until it is decoded by those refusing to be gamed.

These are my thoughts and ideas at this time... I could be way way off from what you mean!