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— by Tony Tony
Typing is not an issue for me.  Handwriting is, as mine is, not too good.  I fully understand you want us to learn and understand not just a process but rather the importance and overall real meaning.  I shared yesterday, consciousness is everything.  My deep feelings on this study is for MANY - but clearly not all will - WAKE UP, to acknowledge, accept and agree to our inner Divinity, God-Spark that is all that there is and to return Home as the Prodigal Son SO THAT we can HAVE Heaven here on earth.  

I agreed with you, either we manage ourselves or we will be managed.  DUH, what is so hard to get, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Be kind and caring and it should be returned back to you.  Fuck with others, you will be fucked.  Whine and complain, public trustees are there to make sure you whine and complain some more -- at their personal profit and gain while laughing at you.  Makes too much sense and we have folks who are clearly in the own head.    

The paperwork has been frustrating because I had not received responses.  OK, so I can get in line with everyone else.  But it does not mean I have not tried, and I thought long and hard EXACTLY what was my INTENTION for this process.  It was NOT about getting away with something, it was NOT about outsmarting or being better than someone else, it was, when I finally put the spiritual and physical earth plane together, it was like a light went on, not a bright one but a light.  It was about the journey and journeying back Home.  It was my choice how long or how difficult, but ultimately, loving and patient arms would be waiting saying WELCOME.

Everything is a learning experience, if we learn from it, the journey becomes less harsh, if we do not, expect problems.    

Boris, thank you - I am sure I will have more questions.