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Sorry - I now get what you are saying.  I did not want to ARGUE any point, it was just a question.  Yes, I accept not only what you have presented, but too am grateful for what you have shared.  But if someone has questions, even if they may appear stupid, it is not about questioning the validity of what you presented but wanting to really understand and be educated.  It was not about improving what you presented, it was about I had to present an ID and I was "stupefied for misunderstanding a piece of this puzzle."  It is ALL about trust, since there is no manner in which to "pay a debt", except as a someday in the future promise.  

I also remember reading the example you gave about the submission with regard to the PO Box and regular address.  This was not my question.  My question had to do with the postmaster and using him as the representative.  When you used the statement, you are the seat of government, this phrase through me off.  

Thank you for explaining BETTER the issue of seat of government.  I admit I just downloaded the document you posted yesterday or the day before and did not read it yet.  

It is NOT a problem that you prefer not to discuss the full process - You have provided us a step by step document which helps many out.  

Yes, I will agree - I do not claim the name, but the Natural Estate within the public estate.  I was not afraid to use the name, and I did not ever want to get rid of the name, for how could I do commerce?  I can think of one who renamed himself and gave them back their name.  I did not agree with this.  I have been a USER of the name and for the benefit of the United States.  So I still have a learning curve, I will admit.    

I fully recall what you taught on 31 USC 3173b - (b)   A representative of a person or an estate (except a trustee acting under title 11) paying any part of a debt of the person or estate before paying a claim of the Government is liable to the extent of the payment for unpaid claims of the Government.

We consent to be held surety for all claims UNTIL such time as all the claims of government have been exhausted.  We failed to deliver and surrender the usufruct compliant certified certificate for the indemnification of the person NOT the man.  LC #38