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and NO, the docs are NOT available on Word format and I would appreciate if no one put them out as such: it would be a dis-service to your fellow man. They are done this way so people would actually have to READ while they transcribed the Docs.

READ. You know. That thing people do not like to do.


You all are going to learn the same lesson I learned in middle school.

We had a teacher who would pass out copies of the overhead projector notes and we would follow along. One day, he assigned us some homework, something I found super easy and unchallenging, and I made a comment under my breath.

That next Monday, we returned to find out that the teacher was no longer handing out the notes and we would have to write them ALL by hand. It sucked.  

HOWEVER, the class found out quite quickly that they retained more information and their test scores improved. So, everyone was happy.

Except me. It was later revealed by the Teacher that he overheard my subtle comment and then proceeded to pin everything on me, which of course meant I endured constant ridicule for the remainder of the year and even in to the next as the next year students we also told "Blame Boris"

And it appears that moniker has stuck because the word I hear from the street is "Don't talk to Boris." Which I am going to adopt as the name of my book, if I ever write one.

And as they say, misery loves company. So, now everyone gets to write out everything because I ain't doing ALL the work for you; You all gotta put in SOME effort.

So, now everyone suffers the same fate. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.