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PO Box discussion
— by Tony Tony
I read the Divinely Inspired Enforcement Device/Document Overview - and I have a couple of questions, it is not meant to argue or disagree but to ask sincerely a point.  When one obtains a PO Box, one must provide ID, whether DL or passport.  I did not understand what you exactly mean by "a PO Box places one in the seat of government."  How does this get one out of the jurisdiction if one has used an ID from the state?  An educational guess IF mail is delivered to a home, a benefit is obtained, thus when there is a benefit, there too is a liability.  Is this the logic, regardless of ID, that a benefit is NOT obtained through a PO Box?  

HOWEVER, and here is my question - instead of obtaining a PO Box, could the following be used as an alternative for mail to John Doe:

Doe, John
c/o General Delivery
123 ABC Street
Any Town, FL  12345

OR possibly

Doe, John
c/o Mike Jones, Postmaster
7891 NE 17th Ave
Suite 1234
COUNTY, 12345-9998

The general delivery is mailed directly to the USPS to the man, as Doe, John using regular US mail, but no benefit is received since the mail it NOT delivered.  

OR using the Postmaster, the mail goes through the postmaster as an authorized government [representative to enforce docs].  The mail is delivered to the address where the man hangs his hat, but is sent to the county, NOT THE city or state, with the zip code + the 4 digit postmaster's specific direct link, in other words, the postmaster ACTS as the buffer for the mail.  I have had mail delivered this way with no issue.  

Again, I am just asking for you opinion on this.  I have no issue obtaining a PO Box but was concerned about the ID required and I have no one to ask to get a PO Box for me.  

One other thing - per chance do you have the "turnabout documents" in word format instead of pdf?  

Thank you