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— by Tony Tony
Very well said.  Everything is consciousness, the manifestation of what lies in the hearts of men.  The law of cause and effect in action.  

In each living soul there is the Holy Spark of the Devine, always patiently and lovingly waiting for us to "accept, acknowledge and agree" to what and who we are, created in the Image of the All that IS!  By this acknowledgment, acceptance and agreement, comes too the responsibility TO BE that which we were created, out of love to love, all that is AND to be of service to the Creation in gratitude for the many blessing bestowed upon us.  

The Satan issue is something NOT to resist, as what you resist, persists, but to STATE emphatically, GET BEHIND ME SATAN, there is no law, cause or substance in which you have control, dominion or possession of this living soul.  I KNOW WHO I AM, I am from the Pre-existent Father, a son in the Pre-existent One.  Now I go about doing my Father's business.