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re-listening to the audio ...

When Authenticating records, get them authenticated for UK as that is where the Claim originates as holders of the SS Bond of which is used to draw off to account for public debt obligation of which the Juridical Person is surety.

Birth Record authentication would be mainland China.

Also, any filings into Georgia should probably be notarized in Georgia because the Notary is authenticated at the county level then at the State level to get the Great Seal (double witness: two in private, two in public), then record the final doc into the County and get a Certified copy authenticated for the UK. Put stamps on the docs BEFORE they are filed in to the county (and maybe even before authentication?)  and put them on the Doc themselves, NOT the authentication attachments.

When you pull out the certified copies and get them Apostilled/Authenticated AND with all your own copies/records, only use copies thereafter of THAT document and place stamps on it as if it were an original. I recommend you scan the documents in, just makes things easier.

Reminder: a claim to be owner is a claim to be owned: the premise behind Is YOUR name (validating the claim of ownership: repudiation of the contract under seal) SUCH-AND-SUCH (the object subject to administration)

The acceptance of one SUBSTITUTING themselves to be SUCH-AND-SUCH (become the Juridical Person) = offering one's self as a sacrifice instead of accepting Christ's : a Martyr (SINNER) for the rebellion against God Almighty (SIN) ... SIN = rejection/breach of some contract or duty; SINNER = one whom SINS

AND the CROWN is the Trustee for the Vatican Property: the Juridical Person, using the BAR ('lil devils) as the PROSECUTOR for the ACCUSOR, and the CITY OF LONDON monetizes the SIN of that Juridical Person thru the Bankers and Stock Markets throughout the World;

The Juridical Person is the surety for all the debt created because of the SIN and now the CROWN, CITY OF LONDON, and COURTS service the resulting SIN-DEBT via the prisons, jails, and fines for those are usufruct of the FRUIT of the SIN; the punishment of the SINNER: the Juridical Person, while the Vatican remain the Naked Owner of the Juridical Person.

Thus, the VATICAN has re-created Earth in the Image of ITS God while leading the rebellion against God Almighty thru the perversion of the WORD by ITS apostles and clergy and in doing so, has build the very mechanism that will be utilized to spread God's Kingdom here on Earth when the meek inherit the Earth of which also results in VATICAN'S own prison of which VATICAN will never escape: forever trapped within the maze of Nimrod bowing down and falling to their knees begging to ITS GOD for salvation ...

All that will be heard is the return whisper of "... only when I get out"
~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.