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It is with hope and faith that I trust people have downloaded the Trunabout Audio and associated Documentation that I make this announcement.

Hopefully, people will join and I won't just be talking mindlessly into the ether, but starting this Thursday, August 31, at 9PM EST I will start doing bi-weekly Talkshoes to discuss this Turnabout, CR(tm) and philosophy behind implementation, execution and operation.

Surfing with the Alien Talkshoe

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 82668
9PM EST every other Thursday

So, if you all have questions, post them here and we will go over them during the Show as well as discuss questions live with participants ... hopefully

PS: I thought about offering cake and cookies, but y'all with have to settle for the promise that I will work on executing the hand-raising que thingy properly and not losing the recording in the depths of talkshoe limbo.
~ Boris

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