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the REVERSION assigns the FUTURE interest ... the bank received this NOW, thus collapses that side of the Ledger.

Your friend is still holding the NAKED OWNERSHIP interest of which is the PRINCIPAL, the Treasury does not HOLD this interest YET, thus can not possibly holder-in-due-course of business to service this interest as Principal.

This is all corrected via a simple "declaration of surrender" for all court cases / debt collections are INTERNATIONAL because the Federal Reserve Bank is PRIVATE and the currency underwriting a transaction ALWAYS defines the TRUE jurisdiction of the resulting Contract of which operates within a TRUST because the PUBLIC is BANKRUPT, but acts AS-IF it were a PEACE broker, thus can monetize ANY breach of peace via Statutes, Codes, Rules, and Regulations and a Court Case is nothing more than a Declaration of War against a belligerent for the belligerent is WITH HOLDING an interest of which the PUBLIC is the Intended Beneficiary.

~ Boris

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