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iamsomedude wrote
The Law has been fulfilled with the surrender to the will of divine Creator and Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; in other words, one has an integral part to play within both the construction and operation of the universe and if one surrenders to the will of the divine Creator, one will find the light thru the darkness, illuminating the way allowing one to evolve into the Truth; who and what one was created to become, and that Truth shall set one free.

And since The Law has been fulfilled, there is nothing common or unclean which God Almighty had made clean and to speak of the Law as common, is to call something impure that God Almighty has made clean of which means one acts without faith, thus is acts in Sin.
Wow - that clarified a lurking thought process!!

One comment - the people in Lev 27:2 are referred to as the common people - literal meaning 'the people of the land', which of course man is by virtue of the creation of Adam from dry earth and the eviction of man back to the earth outside the garden.

So common law is the "law of the people of the land".   Hence the "law of the land".  And of course, the earth is the repository of death.

Given the people are created from the dry earth and life comes from the breath of God - we ALL have 2 laws fighting for attention in each of us - the law of the land AND the law of life.

Comes back to the simple principle of choosing the law under which you will operate - either life or death.

And as you stated, it also involves a surrender - God had told Adam death would be the result of eating from the tree, so the bite of the apple completed that contract.  

New contract - the surrender to Jesus, restores man to life back in 'the garden' in God's presence.  

Simple.  Live in the old contract or accept the new - life or death.  

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