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— by non non
from what i gather reading the reddit link, is that "legal lying is acceptable"

what !  wait a minute !  acceptable ?

i begin again... it is now legal, i.e. authorized for the government administration to tell falsehoods
and get away with it... come on get away with it?  hasn't that already been occurring as a standard operating procedure.  ok, ok, it is now legal to mis-speak the truth..  too complicated...

how is this "lie and no legal consequences", and in honour of this there is a grand orchestra able to craft and fine-tune a veritable [veritable doesnt that word have roots in truth?] ok, ok, strike that.

a machine has been assembled, a professional well-rehearsed factory to produce a product for mass consumption, and it has an immunity from legal consequences.  there, liars are not liars, legally speaking.

and as for the material on the land issues... a brilliant hand-book.  "well...let's look at the hand-book" and that is what you have been doing for years, looking at the hand-book and announcing what is already written.  

thank you for sharing the material; merci beaucoup