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Buddy from Oregon shared this with me yesterday about what they have been doing regarding traffic stops. He has done much like this twice so far, each time the officer leaves. Another friend of his simplified what my buddy did to what you will see below, with the same effect.

This is much like I did in Miami where I asked the officer "what is the emergency?" and he said there was none. So, I asked him "what is the problem?", he said there was none. Then, I went right back to the "what is the emergency?", rinse and repeated until he got really mad and yelled at me to stop asking him questions.

I just did not remember to do this NEXT part.

When confronted by an officer: traffic stop or otherwise:
Is there a breach of peace?
(ask 3 times or until an answer is forthcoming)

Then demand counsel be present.

That's it.

Nothing else, nothing more is necessary.

The police officer is nothing but a UN Peacekeeper.

When the officer turns on his lights and/or interacts with one, that officer is declaring a State of Emergency exists; some action threatens public order and safety AND there is some PROBABLE cause to support the action/investigation.

The Statute the officer enforces is nothing more than revenue generation (debt collection), having NOTHING to do with maintaining public order and safety, thus no probable cause exists, unless of course one is being a general douche-bag: driving while intoxicated, attacking people, and shit like that.

When approached in this manner, there is NO mistaking the nature of the interaction.

There is NO room for the officer to think or act, for the officer now KNOWS there is no breach of peace, UNLESS the officer be the one doing as such.

Now Nuremberg Principle VII is in effect = PROPER-NOTICE

Furthermore, the officer is now FORCED to read the Miranda Warning which then diffuses the whole "silence = not guilty plea" presumed within the admiralty/maritime/insurance environment.

Furthermore, the officer must have ACTUAL probable cause that there is an ACTUAL threat to public order and safety to continue, which he probably will never have, unless the officer is there to enforce some warrant, which is never the issue because it appears the officer doesn't even know if there is a warrant until the officer runs the identification through his computer.

This should help our African-American brethren diffuse many of the tensions currently being played up against them, as well as the Latino community, who are being driven into a state of fear over this illegal immigration fiasco.

Furthermore, it may even help the the officer with the gun and the so-eager willingness to use it by forcing the officer to come to grips with the fact that officer is there to keep the fucking peace, not use people as piggy-banks, punching bags and target practice.

Furthermore, there is another issue. If the officer is going to act AS-IF that officer is "government", then that officer MUST and had better have a FARA registration else his is subject to the penalties of such since that officer is a UN peacekeeper: works for and represents a FOREIGN principle, United Nations.

I must really write the mainstream media and thank them for pointing this out AGAIN with Trump's son-in-law and his affairs with Russia. You know, through their hatred for Trump, they sure are letting out a whole bunch of nuggets, if one pays attention.

This "South Parkian mentality" gripping the Police today must stop and it appears we must be the ones to do as such, since all the police and "lawmakers", you know those ENTRUSTED to provide protection under the Law of Nations of whom seem to be on the side of "oh, well. It's tragic, but these guys have a job to do", have abandoned their duty to the people under this "care, custody and control" via this perpetual "martial rule" .... didn't work for those on trial in Nuremberg, and we MUST put them on NOTICE that shit won't fly today.


The police are admittedly paramilitary by the FBI and counties such as St. Louis County is just one of the many municipalities in the U.S. that now commands access to military equipment meant for war. Even the sheriff and his deptuies here in my county admit as much.

There is even ongoing debate within the Law Enforcement community itself over he paramilitary style of training that seems to have supplanted and replaced tradition Academy Training.

Paramilitary: A paramilitary is a semi-militarized force whose organizational structure, tactics, training, subculture, and (often) function are similar to those of a professional military, but which is not included as part of a state's formal armed forces.

Though a paramilitary is not a military force, it is usually equivalent to a military's light infantry force in terms of intensity, firepower, and organizational structure. A paramilitary may also commonly fall under the command of a military, even despite not being part of the military or play an assisting role for the military in times of war.

And since the Police have become paramilitary, remember the rule regarding public order and safety under Article 43 of the Hague? The part that reads local law enforcement may need to be investigated to ensure they are not committing human rights abuses and other crimes?

And since the police are admittedly paramilitary, there are then subject to the following:

Article 4: Lieber Code: Martial law is simply military authority exercised in accordance with the laws and usages of war. Military oppression is not martial law; it is the abuse of the power which that law confers. As martial law is executed by military force, it is incumbent upon those who administer it to be strictly guided by the principles of justice, honor, and humanity--virtues adorning a soldier even more than other men, for the very reason that he possesses the power of his arms against the unarmed.

Article 11: Lieber Code: The law of war does not only disclaim all cruelty and bad faith concerning engagements concluded with the enemy during the war, but also the breaking of stipulations solemnly contracted by the belligerents in time of peace, and avowedly intended to remain in force in case of war between the contracting powers.

It disclaims all extortions and other transactions for individual gain; all acts of private revenge, or connivance at such acts.

Offenses to the contrary shall be severely punished, and especially so if committed by officers.

Article 23: Lieber Code: Private citizens are no longer murdered, enslaved, or carried off to distant parts, and the inoffensive individual is as little disturbed in his private relations as the commander of the hostile troops can afford to grant in the overruling demands of a vigorous war.

Article 44: Lieber Code: All wanton violence committed against persons in the invaded country, all destruction of property not commanded by the authorized officer, all robbery, all pillage or sacking, even after taking a place by main force, all rape
 ... [rape = forced commercial intercourse] ... , [all] wounding, maiming, or killing of such inhabitants, are prohibited under the penalty of death, or such other severe punishment as may seem adequate for the gravity of the offense.

A soldier, officer, or private, in the act of committing such violence, and disobeying a superior ordering him to abstain from it, may be lawfully killed on the spot by such superior.

Article 46: Lieber Code: Neither officers nor soldiers are allowed to make use of their position or power in the hostile country for private gain, not even for commercial transactions otherwise legitimate.
 ... [such as enforcing Statutes] ...  Offenses to the contrary committed by commissioned officers will be punished with cashiering or such other punishment as the nature of the offense may require; if by soldiers, they shall be punished according to the nature of the offense.

Article 47: Lieber Code: Crimes punishable by all penal codes, such as arson, murder, maiming, assaults, highway robbery, theft, burglary, fraud, forgery, and rape, if committed by an American soldier in a hostile country against its inhabitants, are not only punishable as at home, but in all cases in which death is not inflicted the severer punishment shall be preferred.

Nuremberg Principle VII: Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law.

Nuremberg Principle VI(c): Crimes against humanity: Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhuman acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions

~ Boris

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