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— by Tony Tony
Boris, I already tried exactly what you just wrote.  I even sent the property tax appraiser a demand with "payment" of $1 for services rendered to sign under penalties of perjury the actual property tax assessment [which is in conflict of 31 USC 3124].  Good luck with that.  When I asked how do I pay, I was told:  US Currency, US dollars and US Funds.  I asked specifically what does the numbers represent?  US Dollars, etc.  She would not admit Federal Reserve Notes.  

I sent in the BC, added their "contract to the public" which was found on their website, a bill of exchange [for them to discharge the matter], the meaning of legal tender from the treasury website, Memphis bank and trust court decision, 12 USC 342, AND Jefferson's letter that the earth belongs to the living in usufruct.  The following year, I even forced the issue with the value adjustment board.  ZERO.  

Their duty is to themselves.  They protect their own for the evil they do.  And that is ONLY TEMPORARILY.  They will meet their maker and have to answer for what they did and what they failed to do in relation to God and his "property".  

The only way to "go after them" is through them, meaning the courts and the friends who too get a piece of the action.  I am convinced the only way to "shut this mother f-er down" is to use social media and let the people be made aware of what has and is taking place.  You can not find justice with an internal "just-us."  And no I am not cynical or fearful, I am just observant.  The only way to "return us back to Eden" is for the people to wake up.  Paperwork, I agree, ain't going to cut it.  It has to be a united we stand and divided we fall.  We must all work together on this matter.