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Re: Did life just get simpler...or yet another psyop!
— by Gavilan Gavilan
I be honest with you, the big struggle for me was how to figure out how things were paid for.

I mean, I knew I was trading my labor for money, and money for the stuff I needed and wanted.

And the nagging question in my mind was "how did I realized a gain when I have traded my valuable life time for food, clothes, shoes, etc."

The answer is obvious, but those running the system would tell you that yes, indeed you realized a gain and must pay a tax.

From that, I was plunged into the rabbit hole. Took me 20 years to comprehend how money works.

Now, I see their scam, they violate their own laws, and if you are a coward and do not defend your rights they tell you that your waived them, all under their maxim of law that says “He who fails to assert his rights has none.”

I can tell you something though, I am a happy man and love my God with all my heart and mind, for He has granted me the opportunity to live, love, and be happy in this existence.

So, I stand up and defend my rights. One thing I don't do is go into their system and hope to take from them something that is not mine not belongs to me. It's their system, they created it, and if you are greedy hoping to get something for free from them, you have a nasty surprise coming to ya.

So, what little I have been able to decode and by standing on my rights, I have been able to do well for myself.

My next desire is to help my children and their children survive in the coming storm.