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— by Gavilan Gavilan

If you ever hear anyone say that they make the money out of thin air, they don't know or are trying to mislead you.

It is all about Usury, debt. Ancient trick from Mesopotamia, where the Silver Eaters demanded Silver in payment of debt instead of grain (barley, wheat, corn, etc.)

Fast forward to 1694 and William Paterson implements such knowledge into what becomes the Bank of England.

So to explain the basics of the game. You need a trusted bookkeeper with a ledger. (Federal Reserve and their computers)

Who would make the perfect debtor? The mass of people through their government.

The units of credit that are created when a bond or promissory note is added to the ledger have to be serviced with the debtors' energy. You borrow 100 credits, and you earn 1 credit per labor hour, you will extinguish those 100 credits when you have labored 100 hours, and if you have to pay 10%, you would have to labors another 10 hours, except those 10 extra hours went to who and how did they account for them? Simple, they add an entry on the ledger and keep making loans... until they own everything.