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The republic was dissolved when Lincoln was president. Once half the congress walked out never to return, the republic was officially dissolved. Lincoln being the commander-in-chief was left with no choice but to turn the nation over to the military which he lead as its commander-in-chief. They then went to war against half the nation and conquered the southern states upon General Lee’s unconditional surrender. Since the republic was dissolved Lincoln placed military generals in place of the congressman who walked out. After conquering the southern states he put military generals in control of the states to re-establish new governments. Under his reconstruction acts he created the new government as a democracy [mob rule]

That was all changed again under FDR once he became president of the democracy government and commander-in-chief of its military where FDR declared a national emergency because the democracy government was officially bankrupt. Under his New Deal he re-established a new form of government under a new communist government where government became the owner of all property within the United States, starting with the very legal name they had the States create via a Certificate of Live Birth. FDR confiscated all the money [gold and silver] from the States and its people, along with all titles to all property.

In order to pull that off they hand to amend the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act which expressly excluding American citizens. They slipped an amendment to that Act into the Emergency Banking Act by amending the section that expressly excluded American citizens by removing that part from the 1917 Act to now include all American citizens under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

The Congress approved and ratified it by passing the Emergency Banking Act [48 Stat. 1]

Once that was approved and passed it gave full and complete power to the president to be allowed to confiscate all property within the United States in times of emergency or declared war.

This was codified under 12 USC 95a and again under the War Powers Act under Title 50 Appendix 5b

By confiscating the original Certificate of Live Birth to every legal name created by that document, it placed full ownership of that legal name with the States that created it under their State Vital Statistics Act.

Under 12 USC 95a paragraph (1) the president confiscated all the property, and under 12 USC 95a paragraph (2) the States who held full ownership in the legal names took and conveyed, assigned and transferred all the value & interest in those names along with all the value & interest in all property registered and titled to those names, over to the account of the United States. The State actors who did this pursuant to and reliance on 12 USC 95a paragraph (2) receives full indemnity from any liability for having transferred everything to the account of the United States.

All the people have been reduced to mere USERS of any property, while the States hold full and complete ownership of the property, while the United States holds ownership of all the value & interest in all property within the United States.

The people are authorized agents for the legal name they use. Every debt and all liability belonging to the legal name we use is a direct obligation of the United States. The United States alone holds all the value & interest in everything and it alone has the only ability to pay for any debts owed by the legal names.

This is why we no longer need to use money [gold & silver] for anything. No one can own anything. The United States alone owns everything.

The problem is the people were never told and taught any of this. As a result everyone “thinks” then own everything they are in possession of and using. Because they “think” they are the owners of it, including the very legal name they use, they are making false claims of ownership to property they do not own at all. By doing this they are being treated as belligerents and enemy combatants. The only reason they are being held accountable as surety for anything is only because they are claiming themselves to be the owner of it. If you claim ownership of something then you must bear the liability for what you claim you own and that makes you become the surety for it and this is the only reason people are being held liability as the surety and being carted off to jail for crimes charged against the legal name they use. Their claim of ownership is the CONSENT TO THE LAW! Consent Makes The Law! Without your consent there is no law!

The laws do not apply to actual people. They only apply to artificial persons. The only way it can affect a people is only by the consent of any particular man or woman who claims ownership of anything.

Is John Smith YOUR name? If you say yes you claimed ownership. Once you claim ownership you gave your consent to be held as surety under the law! Hence, CONSENT MAKES THE LAW!

Stop making claims and you no longer give consent and without your consent there is no law that applies to you. Its as simple as that!

If you say anything is YOURS then you gave your consent to be surety for it! Period!

If nothing is yours, then how can you be held liable for it? Only the owner of a thing can be held liable for that thing. I own nothing. As just an “agent” for the name, I “CONTROL” everything registered and titled to that name! The State and United States bears all liability for it. The name is an obligation of the United States. The United States holds all the value & interest of that name. Only the United States has the means to settle that name’s debts and obligations because the United States is holding all its value in its account of the United States.

I, a living man am a living beneficiary of the United States. The elected and appointed officials in the executive branch are my executors of the United States, and all the elected officials to Congress in the legislative branch are my trustees for the United States, and all those judges in the judicial branch are my administrators for the United States.

The United States is a public trust created for the sole benefit of the people. The people are the beneficiaries of the United States. The executive branch serves as executors for the United States. The legislative branch serves as trustees for the United States, and the judicial branch serves as administrators for the United States.

What better protection and security could a man possibly get than the public trust we call United States? The only way to get to our property is through our military and conquering this land we all share. The only other way a man can lose his use and possession of any property is only by his consent which can only be given by claiming ownership to it, including the very legal name he uses on behalf of the public trust called United States.

Once you see how well this was all put together, this form of communism is really a good thing because it allows every man and woman to be fully secured in their freedom, liberty and use and possession of property.

There is no better system than this.