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and EXACTLY with what THING did that party pay?

'Cause if it ain't gold or silver, he just bought a usufructuary interest for that is all that was foreclosed upon (sold via tax sale) 'cause that is all the Federal Reserve System ever transfers with the use of its "money" ... again, I point you to the Recommend Reading post  because usufruct is a SPECIAL interest

now combine it all with the RIGHT of equitable set-off and the Turnabout and really PONDER on what you have been given.

There exists ZERO opportunity to PAY any DEBT allegedly owed because there exists EXACTLY ZERO-THING upon which it could be paid, thus your DEFENSE is the equitable right of set-off AGAINST the obligation by the "government" for the FAILURE to provide the THING in accordance with the SUBSCRIPTION more commonly called the US Constitution and you RELIED on that SUBSCRIPTION.


The act of writing one's name under a written instrument; the affixing of one's signature to any document, whether for the purpose of authenticating or attesting it, of adopting its terms as one's own expressions, or of binding one's self by an engagement which it contains. (IE: Constitution: CHARTER for the United States, thus the US "Government" (and all lawyers, attorneys, judges, agents, employees, and corporations incorporated therein (ie: Oaths, Bonds, IRS EIN number and US corporation Company is registered agent for most of these damn things anyhow) SUBSCRIBED to that fucking thing now hold them to it.)

Courts, as a matter of policy, uphold subscriptions if any consideration can be found. In a situation where the recipient of the subscription has begun work or incurred liability in reliance upon it, such action constitutes a consideration. A benefit to the subscriber, although it is enjoyed by her in common with others or with the general public, is also deemed sufficient consideration for the promise. (IE: Holder of BC is the recipient of the subscription: the BENEFICIARY of the THING that Congress has a duty to coin and regulate the value thereof)

One SUBSCRIBES to the Constitution because one is considered SUBJECT to such under the Lieber Code Article 7, thus does so out of "necessity" within the Martial Rule, thus the necessity is what shields one from the obligation under such (As far as duties of an actual citizen would incur (ref. Book 2 article 101 of the Law of Nations)) and one incurred a liability with the notion one would be provided with the THING (public monies) upon which one could acquire to actually pay a debt. (ref. Book 2 articles 106 of the Law of Nations) When the THING was removed from circulation, the SUBSCRIPTION is now in BREACH and forgiveness of this "Trespass" is the REMEDY. (ref. Book 2 articles 104-105, 116 of the Law of Nations)

Subscription (continued)

A subscription is a type of contract, and, therefore, the remedies for its breach are the same as those for breach of contract and include damages and Specific Performance. (IE: Lord's Prayer; forgiveness of debt, acquittance and discharge from any further obligation)

Maxims regarding "Necessity" and also Read Book 2, Articles 116-121 of the Law of Nations

Necessity creates equity.

What necessity forces, it justifies.

That which is not otherwise permitted, necessity allows, and necessity makes a privilege which supersedes the law.

The law of necessity is the law of time, that is, time present.
Necessity makes that lawful which otherwise is unlawful.

Necessity gives a preference with regard to private rights.

Necessity has no law.

Public necessity is greater than private. (ref. Lieber Code Article 5: To save the country is paramount to all other considerations.)
~ Boris

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