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— by Jo King Jo King
To clear matters up some,  the government has been paid their taxes.   The private party that bought the tax deed is attempting an action in ejectment and quiet title.  The Plaintiff is an LLC.   I have worked on several different approaches and that one seemed the best.   However I do comprehend the money issue.  Here is another proposed answer I had prepared asking questions of the court.  

Does the Defendant  have the present ability to pay?
Before an alleged taxpayer and Defendant can be required to pay money, doesn’t the court have to make a separate affirmative finding that the Defendant posses the present ability to comply with the conditions set forth in the administrative Notice of Ad Valorem Tax?
Are there any findings and supportive evidence on the record that the Defendant has the present ability to pay?
Isn’t non judicial foreclosure available only when the Defendant has the ability to comply with the administrative Notice of Ad Valorem Tax.?
Do registered agents normally discharge the debts of their principle?

I did read the suggested post but don't always comprehend immediately.   Thank you for your input.
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