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We already went down this route and this is why I put the set-off article on the forums and told everyone I RECOMMEND you all read it

Why not just inform them that according to the current agreement, the only THING one can use to pay a debt is Gold and Silver and since they are claiming to be Government, then please provide a definition of exactly what THING is being demanded for payment sworn under penalty of perjury?

the way you handle the tax stuff (or any demand for payment) is to question the THING they are demanding for payment and then forgive them for their Trespass (the breach of Constitution).

IF they are "government," then there is a DUTY to provide "public monies" or THING and that THING is to be "Gold and Silver" and in the event of failure, they are no longer "government" but Trustee and the Certificate of Live Birth should then be used to SET-OFF the debt obligations (now it is their duty to service the NAME property to cure the resulting breach)

FORGIVE their failure to provide the THING using your RIGHT to receive such as a SET-OFF against their FAILURE to discharge DUTY to provide the THING to extinguish their RIGHT to receive payment.

There is no "pre-paid account," there is only set-off against the empty promise and this is accomplished with forgiveness.

~ Boris

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