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"When you say under #2, “NOW one can complete the delivery via EXECUTION of the agreement?”, by delivery, are you saying to put this in an irrevocable foreign or domestic trust?  OR if the need is more immediate, to provide a copy of the BC, on the front write – Accept for honor, flip it over on the back and put:  “Pay to and for the account of the order of the United States, without recourse, By:  John Doe, authorized signature” ? "

Go back and READ and RE-READ the postings by Hallow. His buddies have shown how to EXECUTE the agreement by way of its OPERATION and it really has NOTHING to do with paperwork.

It amazes me how people think it is the damn paperwork means something when it means absolutely DICK. The paperwork is a CRUTCH, it is your FAITH that makes everything work. It is what comes out of your MOUTH because you are only as good as your last contract.

Verbal trumps hand-writing of which trumps type-written

You can have all the best paperwork in the world, done to perfection and spotless.

Then with with one word from your pie-hole, undo it all and re-contract.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

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