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— by Tony Tony
When you say under #2, “NOW one can complete the delivery via EXECUTION of the agreement?”, by delivery, are you saying to put this in an irrevocable foreign or domestic trust?  OR if the need is more immediate, to provide a copy of the BC, on the front write – Accept for honor, flip it over on the back and put:  “Pay to and for the account of the order of the United States, without recourse, By:  John Doe, authorized signature” ?

I think I now understand better #3.  We first must accept the fact that the public estate exists for our benefit, under the CVT, then once this is “acknowledged and accepted”, then we must deliver, assign, transfer, convey, etc AND again, this can be done as stated above.  To see if I get this BASICALLY:  At birth, two trusts are created, a private trust was created/seized where one is the grantor, with one as beneficiary, and the public officials as trustee – I call this our natural estate.  In other words we have been given freely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without interference.  This was seized, by law, for the state operations.  We TOO were granted by the State of XX an individual public estate for the benefit of the US, and by intermeddling we accept the role [ignorantly] as trustee.  The reason why these trusts were created is due to there is no lawful manner to pay a debt, our energy was required to fund the US bankruptcy, thus a trust is created.  Is this the basic concept?  

What we must accomplish is correct the record, accepting the BC, etc.  We do this by affidavit.  Then it is recorded at the county level.  Once this is complete, we then set up am irrevocable trust?  Since we are foreign to the US, our trust MUST be foreign and this is represented by a “98” EIN.  The trust is set up as a family trust and it is signed by us with a “new name”, ie  John Doe, incarnate living soul.  Again, I am not a great fan of Jonah Bey nor did I agree with everything on this audio; however, he mentions the 98 EIN and where to find the info, IRS manual 21.7.13 in his audio:

With Jonah, he talks about his “Moorish name.” I worked for a church for 7 years, the tax breaks are incredible, minister’s compensation can legally be turned into a “non-taxable housing allowance”.  Moving on, it would seem some other type of trust or LLC would be needed to operate.  This was suggested by Christian Walter above.  Here I am lost.  I got the part we want to obliterate, extinguish and retire debt, I am still not sure how to do this.  I am not seeing it likely for one to show up at the DTC with all the paperwork and someone there would be “willing to help out to complete the process”?  Yes, I can fully agree, we must go in AS-King, the problem I have had, like many of us, no response.

If there is anyone in the south Florida area who wants to get together, please let me know.  It is about putting our heads together to make this happen – yes the spirituality is the most important, the intention counts, this is the faith that follows/moves into works.

Boris thank you for your many hours to create this website and help us get navigate this.