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dead = ignorant for ignorance is the only sin in that world thus depends on the laws of man for guidance

living = not ignorant, thus lives a moral life in accordance with God's Natural Laws as taught by and through Christ Jesus

not dead as in "not breathing" or "no pulse" ... more like a Father disowning his son by saying his son is dead to him.

When one is identified AS-IF one were the ALL CAP NAME, then one is being identified as debased, illiterate, ignorant and not worthy of God's Covenants ... Once you comprehend that when one rebuts the presumption of death, one is actually rebutting the presumption one surrenders to the Kingdom of Satan because to reject God's Kingdom is to be dead to God, thus DEAD to the LORD. So the rebuttal is AS-IF one has to provide proof of life, but KNOWING, with FAITH, one is actually rebutting the presumption one is ignorant to what is truly happening.

1. one makes no claim, the one identifying one AS-IF one were DEAD does by the very act of identifying one AS-IF one were DEAD; AS-IF one were an owner of a RESERVED by not yet as claim estate held within the CESTUI QUE Trust. The recital of the Lord's prayer shows to whom one is pledged, why not just AGREE with thine adversary and remove all controversy?

Remember, Article 43 of the Hague? 1st order of business: come to an agreement that maximizes the benefit for both the occupier and the inhabitant? The Agreement is waiting your ratification, until then, it does not operate as intended for one surrenders right to the agreement when one fails to act upon it, thus any rights not exercised under the agreement become an abandoned property interest that can be claimed by others and disposed of accordingly.

2. Does it makes sense that since the RIGHT must accrue to one before one can take any action, that if one is standing right there in front of the other then the estate being administrated no long stands abandoned nor is there a temporal estate to administrate and NOW one can complete the delivery via EXECUTION of the agreement?

3. the usufruct is the result of the ACTION; the surrender; CQV is just a container holding an interest until the owner is identified; surrender only happens when there is ACCEPTANCE and DELIVERY; delivery has been made; one hold the receipt in the form of the Live Birth Certificate.

4. The irrevocable trust is the EXPRESSION of the Trust upon which the "self-governing dominion" is administrated within the Sphere of the Public Trust; when one interacts with elements within the public trust so one remain in the world, not a part of it.

5. The attorney is there to see to it you reject God's natural law and accept man's law, thus rejects the Kingdom of Heaven in surrender to the Kingdom of Satan. Attorneys = 'lil devils.

6. US Citizens and inhabitants of the United States are CROWN corporation employees; employees and their support staff of the United States, a municipal corporation formed in 1871 for the benefit of the FOREIGN principals and investors and of whom ADMINISTRATES and SERVICES the united States of America Trust.

finally, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how this all operates. The only thing I wanted people to see with the PDF is the deception and how to fight without fighting in order we "outdo England without fighting her".

This is only the beginning and resistance is futile.

~ Boris

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims;
Resistance is futile.

If you think you can, you are correct.
If you think you can't, you are correct.