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I'd agree that the road for us 'Brits' would be to the vatican via the City of London not DC

I have already written to JOHN BARRADELL, OBE Town Clerk and Chief Executive, City Of London, Guildhall, LONDON. EC2P 2EJ - again, silence is acceptance

I have no intentions or agenda to pillage even an atom of their gold - as this would not make sense if you gift the usufruct. why would i crave and consume anything when returning to the 'garden'
I understand Price Phillips comments that ''we' are all useless eaters'
and the usufruct process seems a great way to 'walk the straight and narrow'

maybe my understanding of the '3 days' in the tomb before being resurrected will take a little longer than first anticipated - so be it - maybe i need a bit more purification and absolution

I love the greater in depth wisdom of the Hobbit you provide - thank you

DREAM FARMERS - i loved the concept and image so much i have written a song about it and is in the process of being finished - I shall post when finished - i hope you will enjoy.

I hope my lantern is in front of me and not behind me as i walk this road - for what i see within is wonder
Life is for living and the art to being free