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Turnabout - Comments and Questions
— by Tony Tony
Couple of comments with regard to Boris’ Turnabout info.  I hope I can give a sincere compliment without it being misunderstood.  IMHO, the Turnabout info is on the mark, it is very well referenced and explained – spiritually.  I hope everyone has an opportunity to “absorb” it.  To be overly blunt, it comes down to “shit or get off the pot”, we are at choice, and whatever choices we make, there are consequences forthcoming.  With regard to “spirituality”, my comment, ALONG with my frustration in life wanting to scream – PEOPLE wake the f up, is that Boris hits the mark the best with “Jesuits and their plan to destroy Protestantism”, “What the seal of the USA represents, to anyone who take it seriously, is a Ministry of Sin….The underlying principle of this new order is the fact of human sin.  To build a republic designed for sinners, then, is the indispensable task … There is no use building a social system for saints….Any effective social system must therefore be designed for the only moral majority there is: sinners.”  It really is the truth!  They, the actors are laughing at the human race and make no hidden bones about it – They KNOW human weakness and capitalize/securitize upon it.  They see how petty, stupid, ignorant, lazy, selfish, mean, not able to see the big picture, etc and all they do is set us up, as easy pickings, to be picked.  Can you really blame them?  It is our EGOs or Edging God Out that requires us to be “administered like children”, thus to be “picked.”  

Do we follow the Royal Law or not?  If we follow the Royal Law, as children of Our Father, the inheritance is automatic.  The actors are no less bound under the Royal Law than we are.  If we do not follow the Royal Law, the consequence is “an actor to make us pay for our baby-sitting.”  I am no saint, but I truly want peace for all, and why not?  We have nothing to lose and ALL to gain, Heaven on Earth.  

I too like Boris’ discussion on “faith without works is dead”.  It is the same to me as “Treat or pray and move your feet”.  But to move your feet with Trust [God] that all is working for you and your good, NOW!