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— by Hallow Hallow
We are the insurance company in that our property was taken at birth. What some refer to as the spoilated owner.

When a birth is registered an estate is registered; your estate. Your failure to make use of the indemnity security as intended is akin to lost at sea, whereabouts unknown.

This is purely a private matter in equity. Neither kings nor queens enter pubic courts nor partake in public proceedings. The remedy is equitable.

Courts with inherent jurisdiction are courts of equity, non statutory. Courts of inherent jurisdiction draw on ancient doctrines that existed long prior to and supersede the existence of the State, legal mumbo jumbo; hence, lawyers cannot help you.

Such courts can issue Writ of Mandamus to compel performance should one face resistance. If one faces resistance it is either a test or something is amiss on your part. Nevertheless, the remedy is there.

God speed