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— by Tony Tony
Of course, you may be correct, what I presented to various public officials "could be wrong - logistically"; however, overall, the intent was most clear.  The overall intent was, "white peace flag upper left corner with a Hello, I am here, a man alive, a living incarnate soul, who remains naked and spoliated, a peaceful inhabitant, I surrender and release any potential CLAIM of interest in the Name to and for the account of the United States, AS USUFRUCTUARY, scriptures attached, notarized with me known as the man, footprints, thumbprint, even over a $1.00 stamp [international].  

Even did the first notice, second notice and final notice of default because no response.  

I am not looking to justify, whine or complain, I simply want to journey back Home.  I can presume that most within this forum feel the same way.  I have a sense that things are starting to bubble out there, more so NOW, and our time is kinda short on this matter.  I am not paranoid, just a sense.  

I am hearing you all - Cestui Que Trust.  I am not lost at sea, nor am I abandoning my estate.  There is not controversy, sincerely, I want to learn and understand this topic.  

Again, I WAS WILLING to surrender it all back to the United States, AS usufructuary, meaning, any check I received in the name, I guess would go directly to the treasury and then I could get a debit car or something.  I was willing to give more than take out.  But the public officials could not see their way to talk to me.  Please know I am not giving every bit of detail with all of this, there is much more to the documents I prepared.  No question the sincere intent was there.  

May I ask specifically are "HM bills being discharged/paid", the stuff you need as provisions to live?  Or is this still in the works?