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— by Hallow Hallow
Hi Tony

Perhaps the reason you get no response is because the perspective is wrong or how you are going about things?  

I shared what the top court clerk said. I see it clear as the blue sky outside the window.

As I see it the property is not forfeited but seized. Our remedy lays in operating the vessel as a captain. I use that term in a metaphorical sense to mean in control.

Being I am in possession of the grantor's birth certificate, Her Majesty, I am commissioned to operate her vessel/business.

Another very significant thing here for people is when one is resurrected from presumed dead, no longer absent, one will need credible witness acceptable by government to verify the man is who he claims and that he is the proper holder of a particular BC (captain of this particular ship). The government does not know you from Adam. 

To apply for a birth certificate, as per the Ontario application form, the registrar requires a guarantor. They have an approved list. This guarantor has to say he has known the applicant for at least 2 yrs or thereabouts. So I am going to use the approved guarantor, he that was indicated on the app. for a BC, and have him attest that it was he that signed on as guarantor so I could get a BC, and that it was I, the same man, who was before him, alive and well. Everyone should know self serving testimony is worthless.

Think about it. A guy was lost at sea for 25 yrs. His estate handed over to another in his absence. That other may or may not know him and if not, what may he have to do to prove he is has the AUTHORITY to claim back the estate? In these times since we have a government issued BC it is the government we have to satisfy.

Title means authority so when I say re-vest title I mean authority. The authority is that I am the one commissioned to operate the vessel. In my absence the Crown acted in my stead. So by re-vesting of title I take the authority from the Crown to control the vessel back to me.

When we acted as the debtor we in fact were the surety. So the surety thing here comes into play as part of the resurrection and re-vesting of title in that, if I was in fact the surety, and I was, then the principal, HM, has to refund all monies that were paid by me as alleged debtor but really the surety. In other words, the principal, HM, should have paid but I did but that does not relieve the principal of responsibility. This is why the woman has 60 yrs of property tax payments returned. It is based in equity.

Don't get caught up in the marital thing here but notice what this lawyers says about ships bumping into one another.

"Presumption of Death From Absence

The law becomes confused when an individual disappears for a long time and no other person knows where the absentee is, dead or alive.

 Until death has been confirmed, the law continues to deal with the absentee's property in absentia, governed only by any delegation of powers the absentee may have signed before disappearing, such as a power of attorney.
 It is a disagreeable state of affairs that the law cannot tolerate for long as without a directing mind, property, assets and things are rudderless and as such, start bumping into other ships nearby, such as the legal rights of a husband or wife, marital status, or the rights of property held jointly with the absentee, or the absentee's estate or an estate in which he might have an interest were his status ascertained in law".

That is exactly what I am saying. We abandon ship, are lost at sea, and in our absence, there is no captain of the vessel so Her Majesty's representatives stepped in as captain. While that was going on we made payments we never had to make, and were governed.  

There are multiple things to consider here. It would take a book to list them all out and as Boris has said many times, people will have to use their brain and work it out to have the inner knowingness.

Although I shared in a previous post here what a guy did in court, "I am HM's agent", I would not say that. I am the captain or the one commissioned.

It helped me to let go of most of what I thought I knew, look the cold hard facts, and assemble a clear and concise picture.