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— by Hallow Hallow
If one uses the birth certificate that belongs to her majesty as a business belonging to her majesty, the grantor of the birth certificate, then her majesty has to pay for property. In that sense the BC is an indemnity security. In other words, if one is captain of her majesty's vessel evidenced by a birth certificate, then HM, not the captain pays.

3 parties to every transaction. A creditor, a debtor, and you, the Life upon which her majesty's business depends. So we either captain her majesty's vessel for and on behalf of HM or for self and if the latter, one is in essence a pirate.Now you know why you get charged and are under attack.

That is where everyone is at. Whereas if one is a good captain, operating her majesty's vessel/business for and on behalf of HM, he is protected from attack by other vessels piloted by representatives of her majesty. For if a representative of her majesty was to attack a captain of her majesty's vessel who is operating the vessel/business for and on behalf of HM, then he or she is attacking her majesty and that is treason.

Now we each were given a BC that evidence a business. This business cannot be taken from one. The question is then, is the man operating the business doing so for self or for HM? A BC is not and was never intended by HM to be used as personal id, your business, but that is what we all did. For that were bear the burdens. If we not see the light and correct the error of our selfish ways, we feel we have a fight on our hands and in the end make things worse for thyself.

True story. Man walks into court flashing the BC saying, I am an agent of HM. Case dismissed right then and there. For them to proceed would have been to attack a captain of HM's vessel/business. So to avoid that they did the right thing and dropped the charges. Simple eh.